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(Davidcrise, 2022-01-01 20:33)

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pedagogical Institute of CIS

(RamonCoins, 2022-01-01 12:17)


Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute was founded in 26.07.1974.The name Abdulla Kadiriy was given on the basis of the decision of the Regional Council of Deputies of the Republic in 21.12.1989.

Today, 524 professors and teachers work at Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute. 19 of them are Doctors of Science and DSCs, 130 Candidates of Science and PhDs. The scientific potential is 27%, and today the Institute has 10 Faculties and 32 Departments. The average age of professors and teachers is 44 years.

Besides, 27 bachelor directions (daytime) more than 8000 thousand and 11 bachelor directions (correspondence) 3361 students, 291 undergraduates of 18 Master Degree specialists, 9 base Doctoral students in 7 specialties and 10 Independent Researchers are studying at the University.

In the last 3 years 3 textbooks, 25 monographs and 33 educational and methodological manuals were published at the Institute. In 2017, 4 Doctors (1 DSc and 3 PhDs), in 2018 14 doctors (2 DSCs and 12 PhDs) and in 2019 22 doctors (2 DSCs and 20 PhDs) were trained.

In 2017, 5 people, in 2018, 1 person and in 2019, 6 winners of Republican Olympiads of science, 9 honored students, holders of “Brave son” and State Awards named after “Zulfiya” were prepared at this Institute . At present, 700 million sums of Innovative Projects are being implemented for 2019-2020. Research work is being carried out with 4 Research institutes and 5 Production Enterprises (55 mln.).

The Institute pays great attention to International Cooperation. In particular, totally 16 international agreements were signed with Moscow State Pedagogical University, Bashkortostan State Pedagogical University, Bashkortostan State University, Russian Nuclear Research Scientific Center, Norwich (Great Britain), Shimkent University, INSHEA, Baranovichi State University, Tula State Pedagogical University, Taraz State Pedagogical Institute (Kazakhstan), St. Petersburg Botanical Research Institutes.

At the same time, Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute has acquired a new and modern appearance .

According to the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for further development of the Higher Education System” dated to 20.04.2017 № PP-2909 and № PP-3507, reconstruction works were carried out in the main educational building located in the territory of Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute located in Sharaf Rashidov street of Jizzakh city. In total, construction and repair work amounted to 47.301 billion soums.

Reconstruction of the main educational building of Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute, as well as the the design of the “Palace of Culture” building for capital repair, was prepared by “ARCHSTROY–PROJECT PLUS” LLC.

Reconstruction and overhaul work was carried out by the contract enterprise of “Global Trans Construction Assembly” LLC on the basis of the order of the only customer engineering company under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education.

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pedagogical Institute of CIS

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(WilliamNassy, 2022-01-01 03:00)

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(RICHENS48, 2022-01-01 00:27)


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blood sugar

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(CALLEROS16, 2021-12-31 17:38)

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